Mankar institute of education and research is standing apart with it’s past glory from the day it has started it’s journey with the intention to fulfil the dream of every aspiring teacher to become successful in their near future. The training is provided by our college is very scientific and easy to access to the trainee and the aspiring teachers are highly satisfied with the mode of this specific approach. The teachers of our college are highly qualified and very friendly; this mode of approach is highly suitable to maintain good temperament to bring success at the end. Our goal is not only to offer the B.Ed and D.El.Ed certificate but we are aiming to prepare a perfect human being who can get absolute control over the crisis oriented situation that’s why mankar institute is so different from the other colleges engaged in providing the quality education in this area.

The past result of our institute is very satisfactory and excellent in all respect. The passed out students are almost everyone those who are engaged either in the govt school or in the private school are working in a very satisfied manner from the day they are engaged to prove their mettle. The trainee teachers are the backbone and shoulder of any education system. our college is nurturing their talent and hidden quality in such a way that they are getting opportunity to ignite their skill . The scientific advancement of training is helping the aspiring teacher to grab the opportunity to become successful in the period of digitalisation in which mankar institute is still now front runner. Among the Teachers training colleges located in the surrounding areas of mankar and across the district of burdwan mankar institute is holding a special place in the heart of the aspiring teacher. On survey it was proved that this college is chosen by the student of various corner of the state as well as the students from the remaining part of the country to pursue their as usual B.Ed and D.El.Ed programme because of its quality and innovative methodology. Mankar institute always giving emphasis to become a successful teacher in their every sphere of life as our main motto is not only to become a successful teacher but also to become a person with strong character who is eligible to prove themselves in various situation of their life Our organised and professional approach has started to receive blessings from all corner in spite of its short span of it’s existence.